Lead Manager

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Paul Meeks is the Lead Portfolio Manager of the Fund. He also is a finance and accounting instructor at Western
Washington University in Bellingham, Washington. Mr. Meeks also is an Investment Advisory Representative
(IAR) at Independent Solutions (IS) Wealth Management, LLC in Williamsville, New York, which is a SEC
registered investment adviser that is unaffiliated with the Adviser. Mr. Meeks manages separate accounts at IS for

From 2016-2018, Mr. Meeks was the Chief Investment Officer and a Portfolio Manager at Sloy, Dahl & Holst in
Portland, Oregon.


From 2012-2016. he was a Portfolio Manager and the Director of Separately Managed Accounts at Saturna Capital
in Bellingham, Washington. He managed the Sextant Growth Fund and the Saturna Sustainable Equity Fund. In
addition to his portfolio management duties, he was Saturna’s technology analyst and was responsible for
following over $1 billion in stocks in that sector that were held by clients.


At Merrill Lynch Investment Managers (1998-2002), Mr. Meeks managed one of the largest sector mutual fund
franchises in the world with over $7 billion invested in technology stocks.
Mr. Meeks has been an equity analyst, portfolio manager, research director, or chief investment officer since 1987.


He has focused on the technology sector since 1992. CNBC has introduced him on air as a “Top Tech Investor.”
He frequently has contributed to the business media (broadcast and print) since the mid-1990s. 


Mr. Meeks has been a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) since 1996. He earned a BA from Williams College
(1985) and a MM (MBA) from the Kellogg School of Management (1992).